Project partners


  1. Latvian Technological Centre, Latvia
    Contact Person: Project manager Dr. Gundega Lapina, telephone: +371 6754 0703
  2. Aalto University Small Business Center at the Helsinki School of Economics, Finland
    Contact Person: Office Manager Ms. Natalia Narits, mobile: +358 40 563 8453
  3. Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, United Kingdom
    Contact Person: Project Manager Ms. Eleni Anoyrkati, mobile: +44(0)7974984863
  4. Baltic Education Technology Institute, Lithuania
    Contact Person: Manager Mrs. Daina Gudoniene, telephone: +370 5 241 4161
  5. Integrated Resources Management (IRM) Company Ltd, Malta
    Contact Person: Managing Director Ms. Anna Spiteri, telephone: +356 21891340
  6. Riga Technical University, Latvia
    Contact Person: Head of Department Prof.Ilmars Slaidins, mobile: +371 29274597