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Leonardo da Vinci actions – Multilateral projects: transfer of innovation.

The aim of Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral projects „Transfer of Innovation” is to improve the quality and attractiveness of the European vocational education and training (VET) system by adapting and integrating innovative content or results from previous Leonardo da Vinci projects, or from other innovative projects into public and/or private vocational training systems and companies at the national, local, regional, or sectorial level.

Project title: E- learning course of Innovation Management for vocational training. 

Project duration: 2 years: October 2010 – September 2012.
Project coordinator: Latvian Technological Center.

Project partners:

P0 - Latvian Technological Center (LTC), Latvia
P1 - Aalto University School of Economics, Small Business Center (AU SE SBC), Finland
P2 - Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (CUE), United Kingdom
P3 – Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI), Lithuania
P4 – Integrated Resources Management (IRM) Company Ltd ( IRMCo), Malta
P5 - Riga Technical University (RTU), Latvia

The aim of the project: To develop an e-learning course of innovation management, which would correspond to the labour market needs and fill the gap in national VET systems.

The objectives of the project:

1. to develop high quality e-learning course materials and to adapt them in the project participant countries,
2. to pilot the course in order to integrate the learners feedback in the course materials, thus ensuring higher methodological and content basis,
3. to implement all necessary dissemination and exploitation activities in order to ensure sustainability and mainstreaming of the project results.

The main activities of the project
1)    E-Learning course development:
a.     Development of the course content, according to the market needs,
b.     Development of the course methodology,
c.      Development of the course modules,
2)      E-learning course piloting,
3)      Dissemination of the project results.

The final outcome of the Project
will be a short e-learning course of Innovation management for vocational training (professionals and potential SMEs, vocational students). The foreseen volume of the course is 6 modules for 12 weeks/3 months studies.

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